Mother with her child

Bringing families together

We help the families and friends of incarcerated people organize a visit to prisons in any US State.

Mother with her child


Improve the wellbeing of society by maintaining relationships between incarcerated people and their loved ones, enabling successful reintegration into society after release.


Connecting families

We have already helped more than 150 people visit their loved ones.

Distance is not a problem

We organize visits between family members in all 50 states.

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Fill out our questionnaire in just a few minutes to determine if we can organize your visit together.

About us

Our founders know incarceration firsthand. While they spent months to years in the prison system, when they were released they were able to return home to their families and support networks. Their lives mostly went back to normal. They could put their mistakes behind them and move on.

But several of the people they served time with, who did not have the same level of privilege and support, were not as lucky. PVF was created to give others the same opportunity to stay close to their loved ones while serving a prison sentence.

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Research Analyst

Makeda Telesford

Makeda is a Research Analyst at Dutchess Management and is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Communication and Speech Disorders at Brooklyn College.

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Bill Baroni

Bill brings more than 20 years of governmental and non-profit experience to Dutchess, where he is involved in identifying solutions to some of the most complex problems that face our diverse clientele.

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Investment Analyst

Clé Dupuy

At Dutchess, he helps manage operations for our software incubator partners and conducts preliminary research on new ventures for the company and its clients.

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Chief Operating Officer

Anna White

Anna has been the COO at Dutchess Management since March of 2020.  Prior to that she worked as the Private Equity Practice Coordinator at Willkie Farr & Gallagher.

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Two-and-a-half million people in the United States wake up every morning in a prison. The US incarcerates a larger share of its population than any other country on earth. 95% of all presently incarcerated people will be released at some point.² But unfortunately, just three years later, half will be back in prison.³

Why? One reason is the loss of connection – especially to family members and other loved ones – that happens while someone is incarcerated. The average family can’t afford to take off work, travel hundreds of miles out of state, and cover lodging costs just to visit a loved one for a few limited visitation hours.⁵ So, too many families with incarcerated people disintegrate, causing drastic consequences, including substance abuse, learning and education loss, and mental illness.⁶ These issues are especially acute in the more than 50% of families with incarcerated people which have children under the age of 18.

happy family members

Thankfully, simple visits between loved ones can prevent or heal much of this damage. Studies show that family visits can reduce recidivism by as much as 50%.⁷ Meaningful contact with parents also reduces behavior problems, criminal activity, and mental and physical problems in children.⁸

The benefits of increased visitation and reduced recidivism do not stop at the personal level. Maintaining connections to family members can help incarcerated people readjust and contribute to society after they’ve paid their debts to it. Lower spending on reoffenders can save states $18 billion per year.⁹ Preserving support networks for incarcerated people thus has significant advantages for everyone. 


Support from A to Z

Step 1: Apply

Fill out a 5-minute form that goes directly to our application review team. We’ll be in touch shortly.

Step 2: Confirm Logistics

Our travel team will help you coordinate with the prison to confirm your visit and take care of booking travel arrangements.

Step 3: Visit!

Enjoy quality time with your loved one!


“Anyone who has a loved one in the prison system knows the mental, emotional, and financial toll it puts on the families. There have been countless times I haven’t been able to visit my loved one because I just couldn’t afford the trip.

The Prison Visitation Fund has blessed me with the gift of being able to visit my loved ones without the financial burden. This organization understands the importance of a visit for both the incarcerated and their loved ones on the outside. I’m so eternally grateful for this group and everything they have done for me and my family.”

-Neela H.

"I received the gas cards for my trip to see my husband. My family and I had such an amazing day yesterday and it was in a large part thanks to your organization and the help you gave us.

Such an awesome day yesterday I was able to hug and kiss David for the first time since he went in and I hear that they're opening up the prisons for full contact now so when I go in October it'll be even better. Again thank you so very much for your help, I'm eternally grateful for all that you've done thank you.”

-Sara A.

“PVF made it possible for me to see my fiancé in person for the first time. I originally heard about PVF in a prison wife group I'm a part of on Facebook.

I was planning the trip to see my fiancé at the end of July when I came across the post. Stressing about the funds to be able to see him, I figured applying would be worth a shot. The only way I have been able to see my fiancé before is through 30 min video visits that I pay for 2X a week. We have been getting by with just those for a year.

When I got the call saying I was approved, I was brought to tears. PVF helped with the funding for the gas and put me and my two children in an amazing hotel room. Making it all the more possible for me to make this trip to see my fiancé.

Thanks to PVF my children and I got to spend 2 four hour visitation days with my significant other. I couldn’t thank PVF enough for what this organization did for my family. The look of pure happiness on my children's and my fiancé's face was so worth it. Thank you PVF for making it possible for my family and me to be whole in a while.”

-Clara P.


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Bringing families together

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